Cubo Art Game

english-flagYou are welcome to the Zona de Cubo!

You are owner of a Cubo-Art object. Therefore you are also a member of the Zona de Cubo! Different interesting activities await you there! To each numbered Cubo belongs a certificate with the corresponding number. In connection with your address it is possible for us to invite you to different activities. The number of members may differ.

Cooperation is wanted. Your Dicing Object - is in different ways unique! The original Art-Object can be combined with different (dice?) and anables you to become a member in the Zona de Cubo, a very well mixed group of different cities, countries and continents. Our "Zona" is therefore no Kiez, Barrio or might be otherwise restricted, but connects people with something special which is within everyone of uso Zona de cubo provokes interactively - is agame of special character. As it also involves art it is not agame ofhazard. But you have a chance to join!

We are looking forward to you -as a member!

Peter Ortmann, Dieter Petersen